Our bands, DJs and teachers are from Brazil, Europe and Sweden, for we have gathered for you, who each contribute with their own style and touch to forró as a dance and music

Get to know Sampa

From early childhood in São Paulo, DJ Sampa has been inspired by different music styles. He started his DJ career in the early nineties playing Samba, Samba-Rock, Rap, and So…..

Get to know Banda Kalur

Banda Kalur is a Stockholm-based Forró band formed during the pandemic in 2021. The vision was to play swinging forró music with roots from northeast of Brazil with…..

Get to know Ian Martinelle

Ian Martinelle is a dance teacher from Rio de Janeiro. He’s been dancing for over ten years, going through different dance styles and specializing in Forró an……

Get to know DJ Jam

DJ Jam is a Paris-based musician and DJ. He has over 20 years experience of playing, creating and writing music. DJ Jam is a French percussionist with a heart for Brazilian rhyt…

Do not miss Jammaria’s music in Stockholm forró festival. He will make sure your night is fun and memorable!

Guess the Artist

More info will follow soon. Stay tune!

Guess the Artists

More info will follow soon. Stay tune!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions

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