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The list of things to do in Stockholm could be made endless and there are more than a hundred attractions to choose from. To make it easier we have picked out the Stockholm highlights for you.

Reimersholme Island

This year we are very happy to collaborate with Reimersholme Hotel, a cultural hot spot in the city. A weekend filled with awesome music and dance on one of Stockholm’s many islands, Reimersholme.

Explore 14 Beautiful Stations

Stockholm’s subway system is truly one of a kind. One hundred stations, each with unique art on its platform, walls or waiting hall. Since 1957 artists have played a key role when building Stockholm’s stations. So spending a day in Stockholm’s metro is basically like visiting the world’s longest art exhibition. Here is just a small sample of the beauty waiting to be discovered belowground.

Gamla Stan, The Old Town

Gamla Stan is like a living, pedestrian-friendly museum, filled with sights, restaurants, cafés, bars and places to shop. Gamla Stan is one of the most interesting parts of Stockholm to explore on foot, with narrow, cobbled lanes leading to beautiful churches and other historic sights. There are a couple of must-see attractions in and around Gamla Stan, including Storkyrkan, the Royal Palace and the Swedish parliament building.


A 500-meter long (quarter-mile) walking path with a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, City Hall, and Riddarholmen, especially at sunrise and sunset. The path is lined with charming houses on one side and a beautiful view on the other. There is, of course, a safety rail on the path, but be careful in the wintertime when parts of the path might be a bit slippery. 


The noise of the city seems infinitely far away in the grove on the hill. Observatorielunden is a green oasis only a stone’s throw from the throbbing pulse of Drottninggatan. Exactly as the name implies, there is an observatory in the park that goes back to the 1700s. One wing, from the end of the nineteenth century, contains Kafé Himlavalvet, known for its delicious waffles and toppings from a special waffle menu. The café and its outdoor seating area are open all year except for January.

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