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Our festival is a meeting for forrozeiro/as from all over the world in Stockholm. Our aim is not only to party but also to provide a lot of inspiration and great opportunities to learn, practice, have fun and get to know each other. For three days, we are a big family

Alegria do Dorte Festival 2022

We are beyond thrilled to finally announce Alegria do Norte 6th edition

Alegria Do Norte Parties

The festival has three official parties from Friday to Sunday. We endeavour that you will enjoy the amazing energy, joy, warmth, connection and love that forró creates. Come join us to dance with new and old friends to the live sounds of the accordion, triangle and zabumba. We will complete the nights with specially selected tunes from our DJs from Brazil, Europe and of course Sweden.

Experience Alegria Do Norte Energy

The energy of Alegria Do Norte parties is unlike anything you have experienced! Our dance floors are always filled with energy and exciting atmosphere all night long. Make sure to be there!

Alegria Do Norte DJs

Our DJs from Brazil, Europe and Sweden will make sure the dancefloor stays hot until the first glimmers of the early morning sun lights the horizon. Bringing you a wide variety of tunes, they will make each party an experience full of joy and great energy.

Alegria Do Norte Workshops

Alegria do Norte workshops offers you some of the greatest forró teachers of Europe, who each contribute with their own style and touch to the dance. We want to offer classes with various forró and samba de gafieira styles and new inspiration for both followers and leaders.

Alegria Do Norte Pre-Parties

There is nothing more enjoyable and peaceful than dancing with friends in nature, surrounded by water and trees. At Alegria Do Norte you can also enjoy swimming the local lakes in the middle of the city and feel relaxed in the numerous parks and urban forests of Stockholm. Come and bring your good vibes to add up to our common alegria!

Nordic summer nights

Experience the magic of Nordic summer nights, together with old and new friends, there is nothing like it – you need to see for yourself! In the North, the sun barely sets in the summer, and this gives us a good excuse not to sleep, but instead to keep enjoying the alegria all night through. 😉

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions