If you can not find the answers for your questions here, feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram. Our response might take up to three days but we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

  • I do not have a ticket for the festival. Can I attend the afterparies?

    Yes. Our outdoor afterparties are free of charge and open for everyone.

  • Can I buy a ticket for the workshops at the door?

    No. We have a specific number of tickets to sell to avoid crowdedness in the rooms and guarantee better quality for the workshops.

  • Can I buy a ticket for only one party?

    No. All our tickets are sold out online. We won’t be selling tickets at the door.

  • Can I buy a ticket for only one workshop?

    No. We will not have this option available.

  • I want to attend the festival but all the tickets are sold out! What should I do?

    You can ask on Facebook, by posting on the event of the festival or our Forro and Samba de Gafieira in Stockholm group, if someone is interested in selling their ticket to you.

  • Where the festival is going to be held?

    All workshops and indoor parties will take place at Reimersholme hotel in Södermalm except the ourdoor pre-party will be held in Vinterviken.

  • What is included in the party pass ticket?

    Three night parties and 2 pre-parties with bands and DJs from Europe and Brazil.

  • What is included in the full pass ticket?

    Two full days of workshops, two pre-parties and three night parties. The festival is from Friday to Sunday and our teachers, bands, and DJs are from Europe and Brazil.

  • Does the price of the festival ticket include accommodation at Reimersholme hotel?

    No. The festival tickets and the rooms bookings at the hotel have to be bought separately.

  • Can I get a good price for a room at Reimersholme hotel if I am going to attend the festival?

    Yes. Reimersholme hotel offers a discount for festival participants. Book a room today before it is too late using the code ALEGRIA to get the whole island-festival experience.

  • Are the rooms at Reimersholme hotel limited?

    Yes. The rooms are limited and we can not guarantee that there will be rooms until the festival dates.

  • I am confused about the proccess of booking. Where can I find help?

    If you are confused about the proccess of booking a room, click here to see step by step instructions with pictures.

  • I bought a ticket but I cannot attend the festival anymore. Can I return my ticket and have my money back?

    No. Alegria do Norte tickets are none-refundable. However, we recommend you to contact us to help with finding someone else to buy your tickets from you.

    The new buyer has to have the same dance role as you are so we can keep the balance between leaders and followers in the festival.

  • What can I do to not miss Alegria Do Norte news?

    The best ways are the following:
    1 – sign up for our newsletter.
    2 – Keep your eyes open on our social media (Facebook and Instagram).
    3 – visit our website once in a while since all of the information regarding the festival will be announced there.
    4 – contact us via email or on Facebook.
    5 – Join the festival event on Facebook by clicking “GOING” or “INTERESTED”.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions

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