• Payments for rooms and festival tickets have to be made separately.
  • There are two buttons in the tickets link, the upper one is for buying tickets, and the lower one is for booking the rooms.
  • The room booking button can also be found on our website in the Hotel page.

Do you still have a problem with booking a room? scroll down

    • Go to and scroll down a little bit.
    • Click on ”BOOK A ROOM” button.
    • You will be redirected to the hotel webpage.
    • Or scroll down to the REIMERSHOLME HOTELsection in the tickets link.
    • Click on ‘‘BOOK A ROOM” button.
    • You will be redirected to the hotel webpage.
    • Choose the festivals dates and the number of persons.
    • Type in the discount code ALEGRIA.
    • Then click ”Apply” before clicking ”Search”.
    • You will see that your discount code has been verified after you clicked ”Apply”.
    • Click ”Search”.
    • Scroll down to see the available rooms and their prices.
    • Click ”Select” to select the desired room.
    • Here, you can still change the number of guests without needing to go up to the filter section.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page after selecting the number of guests.
    • Click ”Next” to go the next step.
    • Review your booking information.
    • Fill in your full name, address, email, etc.
    • Click ”Go to payment details” in the bottom of the page.
    • Make your payment and make sure that you have received the confirmation email from the hotel.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions

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